3 comments on “Direction…

  1. Heya Bane,
    I’m playing in a PFBB game my 12yo daughter is running, so anything you post for that system would be cool. Along that line, go NOW and check out edowarsblog.wordpress.com for PFBB awesomeness.

    That said, I run LL/BECMI, so I’d prefer to see more in that format. Dark Dungeons is OK as a Rules Cyclopedia clone, but DarkER Dungeons brings in some Rolemaster wierdness, so be careful. They are two different products from the same guy.

    You’ve been quiet, so I’m looking forward to seeing you active again!

  2. All of those options sound interesting to me, with a slight bias towards the Pathfinder Beginner Box and White Box. I’ve read interesting things about treating PFBB as a complete game and am interested to see how streamlined it actually is.

  3. Thank you both for stopping by and providing input. So, at the moment, other than checking out the provided link, I will start by keying on Pathfinder Beginner Box material. Who knows, I might dither off into other systems eventually, most likely BECMI (minus the I) or Whitebox, but for now I am gonna kick this puppy off with PFBB! Especially since I was reading 3.5 E6 again…

    I really think I can get some players, and see what I can do to keep it rules lite and feeling like the D&D of ol’


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